Will Ron DeSantis Actually Run For President In 2024?

A person reflects on a time when they said "yes" to something they didn't want to do, and how they regretted it. They encourage the reader to not make the same mistake.

Roger L. Simon, via The Epoch Times

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his presidential bid in 2024.

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DeSantis has formed or is reported to have formed an exploratory campaign committee in this month, which allows for substantial contributions to the campaign.

In truth, it looks like he made a mistake. It might be better to wait until 2028 and remain Florida's Governor. This early attempt could prove to be self-destructive, damaging his image, and making him look like a loser.

It's never too late to say "no"

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A poll conducted on May 1, shows that the Florida Governor trails former President Donald Trump with a huge gap of 36 points: 58 to 22, This is a continuation of a trend that has been in place for some time.

DeSantis's lack of financial support is likely to discourage many potential financiers.



The governor's situation is made even more difficult by the fact that many people now believe that he is the candidate of Fox News. This network has seemingly lost its soul, and a large part of its audience due to the cancellation of Tucker Carlson.

Does this mean Trump is 'in' for the Republican nomination? According to the poll, 27 percent of GOP voters are still not convinced. A percentage of them consider him too controversial.

What about those who were supposedly not selected in the poll?

Former Vice President Mike Pence, entrepreneur Vivek Raaswamy and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley are tied with 5 percent each. Talk show host Larry Elder and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are the rest. Chris Christie, Tim Scott of South Carolina, and the former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson were unable to register a full 1 percent. Asa Hutchinson was not able to reach a single percent.

Ramaswamy is the one that's most interesting. He's literally come out of nowhere and is now tied for the lead with Pence in the second tier. Pence is not yet declared, but his appeal is static.

On May 2,

Byron York

In his Washington Examiner article, which is known for its conventional Republican middle-of the-road approach, he looks askance at Haley's claim that she deserves nomination because she represents a "new generation."

York quoted from her announcement speech given in Charleston, South Carolina on February 1: "We are ready to move beyond the stale and faded ideas of the past and we are ready for a young generation to lead us forward." I have a vision for the future.

She called for "mandatory mental competence for politicians over the age of 75". (Trump already passed such a test. Biden has not, so far as we are aware.

Haley's 'vision' of the future is not unique. Nor does it differ in any significant way from that of her supposed geriatric opponent, the former President.

York, in this article, seems to overlook the fact that Ramaswamy is not only younger than Haley but has a much more original vision. He advocates for things like the destruction of our intelligence agencies and the FBI as we know it, and the replacement from scratch.

As the founder and CEO a biotech firm, he has much more technical expertise of Silicon Valley than anyone running for president from either party. This makes him an asset for the right in a field that is dominated by the left.

It is not surprising that Ramaswamy rose so quickly to the top of this second tier, given his level of articulation.

What will be his next move? It's a tall order to defeat Trump when he still trails DeSantis by 17 points. However, it is interesting that he polls much closer than DeSantis does the 45th President.

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