[Watch] Tesla Cybertruck Drifting in Snow During Tough Winter Testing

[Watch] Tesla Cybertruck Drifting in Snow During Tough Winter Testing

Quincy Jon

, Tech Times

07 July 2023 at 02:07 PM

Tesla's eagerly awaited Cybertruck has recently completed rigorous winter testing in New Zealand. This attracted interest from electric vehicle enthusiasts around the world. Testing included drifting on slick surfaces and measuring how the vehicle's suspension performs in the snow.

Tesla has posted exciting videos of the Cybertruck on Twitter.

Winter testing

Elektrek describes it as "a small drift session." Elektrek reports that online observers were stunned by the apparent steering-by-wire capability, the traction control and the superb handling of the vehicle.

After that, we played on the ice with a little drifting session



July 7, 2023

Greggertruck said, "I wonder if the 4ws traction controls are being tested in areas with slick surfaces." "Dopeness."

Lu Adams, a user from the United States, commented on the video: "Not fun at all." I believe they are testing if it is possible to bring the car back under control after a skid. Is it the driver or computer that is doing this? These videos show some amazing handling."

Tyrone Mcgillick tweeted: "Geeks behind their laptops are going nuts."

The discovery of a prototype truck in New Zealand’s winter testing grounds is one of the final steps before the Tesla Cybertruck goes into full-scale production.

The electric pickup truck displayed exceptional driving characteristics throughout the winter tests, including drifting maneuvers even in snowy conditions. Cybertruck is expected to deliver remarkable performance in a variety of situations, thanks to its active suspension and rear-steering technology.

Nearly 1.5 million reservation holders are anticipating the arrival of Tesla Cybertruck. The timing and volume for the first deliveries has been closely monitored. Tesla has officially declared that it will be delivering cars "around the third quarter," which could indicate a debut in late September 2023.

According to recent rumors, Tesla has told suppliers that Cybertruck release candidate vehicles will be ready by the end August. Production is expected to begin in early October.


This is in line with other indicators of Tesla's production progress, including pictures of Cybertruck production taking place at the Gigafactory.

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Texas Gigafactory will Focus on Cybertruck Manufacturing

Tesla is reported to be planning to temporarily stop its Model Y assembly in early July so that it can make improvements. The factory that makes electric vehicles has several employees.

Have you been moved?

Teslarati reports that the Cybertruck assembly line is now complete.

This reallocation is intended to finish calibration and testing and pave the way for Tesla Cybertruck production to begin, which should be between July and August.

Tesla's Gigafactories are a huge attraction to the electric car industry, including the magnificent Gigafactory located in Texas. Drone operators and dedicated observers monitor these sites closely, recording any changes that occur as Tesla prepares to revolutionize the automobile industry with its cutting edge cars.

Cybertruck Light Bar Sparks Buzz

A TikTok user recently caught a Tesla Cybertruck on camera outside the Fremont Factory. He noticed an addition: a tailgate light bar. Before, enthusiasts and other people who had reservations could only reserve a Tesla Cybertruck.

Worries and grievances can be expressed

Inside EVs has more information about this feature.

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla. He addressed the issue on Twitter, and assured fans that the production model will include a red LED light bar.

Cybertruck prototypes on public roads, along with factory films displaying the car casting process, are a clear indication that the long-awaited vehicle launch is nearing.

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