Warsaw, Indiana, printing plant to close, putting about 525 workers out of jobs

The company will be cutting jobs and some workers may be relocated.

(AP) - A company that operates a printing plant in northern Indiana has informed state officials that it will be closing the facility, eliminating about 525 jobs by September.

LSC Communications stated in a

Notice to the State

LSC Print Solutions, a Warsaw-based company, announced Tuesday it will be letting its employees go from September 10 to 24.

In its Worker Retraining and Adjustment Notification Act notice, LSC Communications stated that the plant closure is expected to last permanently. The entire plant will close.

The Warrenville-based company purchased R.R. The print division of Donnelley and Sons was acquired by the Warrenville, Illinois-based company in 2016.

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer stated that the company informed him Tuesday of its decision.

Thallemer stated that no one wants to go to work in the morning and discover their job will be eliminated within two months. Thallemer said: 'That is a lot employees and families who will have to change jobs, possibly have to be retrained and find a new position and experience some hardship.