Wag! Group (PET) and Its Competitors Head-To-Head Review

the strength of its analyst recommendations, valuation, profitability, dividends, risk and earnings. Wag Group is a public company in the 'Personal services' industry. It is compared to its peers based on analyst recommendations, valuation, profitability, dividends, risk and earnings.

How does Wag! compare with its peers? Wag will be compared! We will compare Wag!

Value and Earnings

The table below compares Wag! This table compares Wag!

Gross Revenue

Net Income

Price to Earnings Ratio


$54.87 Million

-$38.57 millions


Wag! Group Competitors

897.96 Million Dollars

12 91 Million


Group trades at a lower Price-to-Earnings Ratio than its peers. This indicates that the company is more affordable.


The table below compares Wag! This table compares Wag!

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets





Wag! Group Competitors




Insider and Institutional Ownership

Wag! Institutional investors own 88.1% of Wag! Comparatively, institutional investors own 41.1% shares in all Personal services companies. Wag! 21.2% is owned by institutional investors. Insiders own 21.2% of Wag! Comparatively speaking, insiders own 24.9% shares in all "Personal Services" companies. A high level of institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments, and large money managers are confident that a company can outperform the stock market in the long run.

Analyst Ratings

Here is a list of the current ratings for Wag! MarketBeat.com reported on Group and its competitors.

Sell Ratings

Hold Ratings

Buy Ratings

Strong Buy Ratings

Rating Score







Wag! Group Competitors






Group currently has a consensus target price of $6.75. This suggests a potential upside increase of 174.95%. Grouped together, the 'Personal Services' companies could see a 17.24% potential increase. The Wag! Analysts believe Wag! Group has a higher rating than its peers.

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Group in 7 out of 12 comparison factors.


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Group Co. creates and maintains a proprietary marketplace platform that is available on a mobile app and website. This allows independent pet care providers to connect with pet owners. The platform provides pet parents with access to a variety of services including dog walking, pet boarding and pet sitting, as well as advice from licensed pet professionals, home visits and training. Enter your email below to receive the latest news, analyst ratings and other information about Wag! MarketBeat.com offers a FREE daily email newsletter