Utah Retirement Systems Has $2.39 Million Stock Position in HubSpot, Inc. (NYSE:HUBS)

investor owned 9,905 shares of the software maker’s stock after buying an additional 118 shares during the period. Utah Retirement Systems increased its stake in HubSpot by 1.2% in Q4.

According to the most recent SEC disclosure, the company's stock price increased by 1.2% during the fourth quarter. The institutional investor now owns 8,258 of the software maker’s shares after purchasing an additional 100 during the last quarter. Utah Retirement Systems held HubSpot shares worth $2,388,000 at the time of its latest SEC filing.

Recent changes in the holdings of other hedge funds and institutional investors have also been made. Vanguard Group Inc. increased their position in HubSpot shares by 2.2% during the third quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. owns 4,305.744 shares worth $1,163,068,000 of the software maker’s stock after buying an additional 92.964 shares over the period. Artisan Partners Limited Partnership grew its holdings in HubSpot shares by 0.6% during the fourth quarter. Artisan Partners Limited Partnership owns now 1,669 218 shares of software maker's stocks worth $482 621,000, after buying an additional 9,878 during the period. Abdiel Capital Advisors LP grew its holdings in HubSpot shares by 42.5% during the fourth quarter. Abdiel Capital Advisors LP owns 1,160 876 shares worth $335 644,000 of the software maker’s stock after buying an additional 346 272 shares over the period. Clearbridge Investments LLC increased the number of shares it owned in HubSpot in the first quarter by 33.6%. Clearbridge Investments LLC owns now 1,128,424 of the software maker’s stock valued at $535,934,000. This is after buying an additional 284,039 share during the period. Durable Capital Partners LP also increased its holdings in HubSpot shares by 7.5% during the fourth quarter. Durable Capital Partners LP owns now 986,355 of the software maker’s stock valued at $285,185,000, after buying an additional 68.833 shares. HUBS was the subject of a few recent analyst reports. In a Friday, 5th May research report, TheStreet upgraded HubSpot's rating from a "d+" to a "c-". Piper Sandler reiterated its 'overweight rating' and set a target price of $450.00 on HubSpot shares in a report published on Monday, March 6. Raymond James raised their target price for HubSpot in a report published on Friday, February 17, from $360.00 up to $500.00. The company was also given a rating of'strong buy'. In a report published on Thursday, the 4th of May, 888 reiterated its'maintains rating' on HubSpot shares. In a report published on February 17th, Mizuho raised their price target on HubSpot to $450.00 from $350.00. They also gave the company a "buy" rating. Three analysts have given the stock a hold, 18 have given it a buy and one has assigned a strong-buy rating. According to MarketBeat.com the company currently has a consensus of 'Moderate buy' with an average price of $422.50.

HubSpot Insiders: Buying and selling at HubSpot

The business sold 8,500 shares in a deal that took place on March 21st. The stock was bought at $392.85 on average, resulting in a value of $3339,225.00. After the transaction, the insider owns directly 622,766 of the company's shares, valued at $244.653,623.10. The business sold 710 shares in a transaction on Tuesday, 4th April. The stock was bought at $424.80 on average, for a transaction totaling $301,608.00. The chief financial officer owns 41124 shares of the company valued at $17 469 475.20 after the sale. The company sold 8,500 shares in a deal that took place on March 21st. The shares were purchased at $392.85 on average, for a value of $3339,225.00. The insider owns approximately 244,653,623.10 worth of stock after the sale. Insiders sold 20,500 shares valued at $8.611,217 in the past three months. Insiders own 4.90%.

HubSpot Trading up 0.8 %

During Monday's midday trading, the company gained $3.93 to reach $520.84. The trading volume was 300,248 versus the average of 667 286 shares. The stock's fifty-day moving average is $456.64, and its 200-day moving average is $383.36. The debt-to equity ratio for the company is 0.43. Its current ratio is 2.25, and its quick ratio is 2.25. The company has a market capitalization of $25.85 Billion, a PE of -177.76, and a beta value of 1.60. HubSpot, Inc.'s 52-week low is $245.03, and its 52-week high is $535.12.

The last time ) released its quarterly results was on May 3rd. Software maker reported ($0.24) in earnings per share for the quarter. This beat the consensus estimate ($0.40) of $0.16. HubSpot reported a negative return of equity of 10.48%, and a net margin of negative 7.71%. Revenue for the quarter was $501.62m, which is higher than analyst expectations of $474.55m. Analysts expect HubSpot, Inc. to post an average of -1.84 earnings-per-share for the current fiscal year.

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HubSpot, Inc. provides cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a platform that is used by businesses across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Australia. The CRM platform of the company includes marketing, sales and service systems as well as content management applications. It also offers integrated applications such as search engine optimisation, blogging, website management, messaging and chatbots, Facebook, email marketing automation, predictive lead scoring and sales productivity.

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