Two Coors Field bars become first to use biometrics in age ID

The Coors Field baseball stadium is the first in the nation to use technology that links a person's biometrics (like their fingerprints or iris scans) to their age.

Two Coors Field bars become first to use biometrics in age ID

Coors Field baseball fans will be the first in America to purchase alcohol using their hands. Two stadium bars will be equipped with the new technology, which uses contactless technology by Amazon (NASDAQ AMZN).

According to a spokesperson from Aramark Sports and Entertainment, the food and beverage provider at Coors Field, the Sandlot Brewery and Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar will have the age verification feature available on Monday, just in time for Colorado Rockies home games against the Miami Marlins.

Amazon One is the technology that makes this new capability possible. It links biometric data to credit cards and customers. Amazon One is also used to power the "Just Walk Out", a technology that was introduced earlier this year at a Coors Field concession.

Aramark announced in a press release that Coors Field would be the first venue to ever implement the new age-verification capability.

Customers can enroll in Amazon One at the kiosks located at either bar to take advantage of contactless verification.

After enrolling, customers will need to upload their government-issued ID photo, along with a self-portrait. When they place their palm on the Amazon One device, the photo and a message stating '21+ will appear. Customers can then pay for their drink by hovering their hands a second.

Dilip Kumar, Vice President of AWS Applications said in a press release that fans no longer have to search for their wallets and ID. Instead, they can confirm their age quickly and make their purchase by simply hovering their palm. This will allow fans to get back to their game quicker at Coors Field. We look forward to rolling out this feature to other establishments in the next few months.

Amazon reports that Coors Field is the third baseball stadium to have implemented the "Just Walk Out' technology before the start of the baseball season. Last year, the technology was introduced to MLB with a single market at T-Mobile Park.

Customers who have already created an Amazon One account by shopping at other Amazon stores, such as Amazon Go or Amazon Fresh, will only be required to upload a photo of themselves to verify their age.