This, That or Whichever

This, That or Whichever

WEDNESDAY PIZZLE -- Why bother with a calendar, when you have the New York Times Crossword to solve? Outside, it's possible that today will bring you all the usual Wednesday things. The days of the weeks are only a premise, a thinly-veiled construct that allows us to present a puzzle which increases in difficulty each 24 hours.

The theme for today's crossword puzzle is a similar idea, and it was created by Brooke Husic & Brian Thomas. You might not notice the subtlety until you finish. Once you realize it, it will be as obvious as day.

Today's Theme

This is what happened to me. I solved the entire puzzle without noticing the theme. Can you really blame me? The only clues we receive from the theme clues are bracketed references referring to a mysterious seven-number sequence. At 1-Across for example, "About 85%-90% Muslims globally [1st out of 7]". The answer is SUNNI.

What comes in sevens then? What comes in sevens? What a great idea! Looking at our entries, we see that it's right: the first few letters in 1-, 17-17, 26-37-48-58-69-Across are the abbreviations of the consecutive days of week.

The '[1st] of 7] in 1A is SUN NI, and the '[2nd] of 7] in 17A is MON TALBAN. The list goes on.

The final theme for 69-Across '[7 Of 7]' was SAT AN. It makes sense to me, because I feel awful by the end the week.

Tricky Clues

DURIANS, 'Spiky Fruits with a Noxious Odor' are native to Southeast Asia and are considered by some as an heavenly delicacy in spite of their smell.

The English equivalent of 'Spanish -ando' and '-iendo" is -ING.

This entry is not only a theme, but also a tricky clue because of the wordplay. It's also a first entry in the crossword. Here, you're looking for the manual digits: THUMB WOARS.

A CAROM is a "Ricochet" in billiards where the cueball hits two or three balls consecutively. It is not surprising that I've never heard of this word because I tend to scratch the table instead of hitting the balls when I play billiards.

Both college sports fans and nature enthusiasts will recognize a OHIOAN as a 'Buckeye. The Ohio State Buckeyes get their name from a state tree.

To "Deflect as an insult or sword" is PARRY. I lack the dexterity and strength to fight either of them, but I am confident that I can survive an insult.

Constructor Notes

This puzzle was made two years ago. Hope you enjoy!

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