The most expensive homes sold in Jefferson County (March 24-28)

Two new construction homes were the most expensive homes sold in Jefferson County at the end of last month.

The most expensive homes sold in Jefferson County (March 24-28)

The most expensive homes in Jefferson County were two new constructions.

According to records of the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator, the top house on this week's list, was built by Deville Homes Inc., in the far east Jefferson County, just past Middletown. The second new construction was built in Prospect by Gregg Custom Build and Development Co., in 2022.

The gallery below shows you what each item sold for.

This week, we're looking at the homes sold between March 24 and 28. Two of the five homes on the list were sold for more than $1 million.

In this gallery, I only include single-family houses. To ensure an accurate comparison, I excluded vacant lot sales and multi-home purchase, as well as apartment complexes, duplexes, and apartment buildings.

New construction homes in the Louisville metro region sell for a lot more than existing houses.

According to Redfin, national brokerage firm, as of March 2023 the median price for new construction homes in the Louisville MSA was $329.900. This compares to existing home sales of $237,750.

Since late 2019, the median price of new homes sold has been steadily increasing. It peaked at $382.260 in October 2022.

If historical homes are your thing, then check out the Old Louisville home that is on sale for $710,000. The Sixth Street house was built in the 1920s for Louisville inventor C. Lee Cook and features a swimming pool in the basement.