The latest on the Louisville bank shooting

At least 5 people were killed in a mass shooting at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky.

The latest on the Louisville bank shooting

Shooter: The police identified the gunman, Connor Sturgeon. He was a 25-year-old employee of the bank. At a press conference held earlier on Monday, the police described the shooter's age as 23. He was given a new age on Monday afternoon. Sturgeon received notification that he would be fired. A law enforcement source who is familiar with the case said that Sturgeon wrote a note indicating that he intended to shoot at the bank. Jacquelyn Villaroel is the interim chief for the police department. She said that Sturgeon was shot by the police after he opened fire.

Gwinn Villaroel stated that officers arrived at the bank within three minutes of the initial call. He added that this quick response saved lives. She stated that the gunman was armed with a rifle.

Gwinn Villaroel: According to Gwinn Villaroel, the police did not "previously engage" with shooter. Investigators are trying to find out more about the shooter. Police said that the gunman streamed his attack live on Instagram. Video was taken down shortly after.

Chief: The four victims identified by the police are Joshua Barrick (40), Juliana Farmer (45), Tommy Elliott (63) and James Tutt (64). Police confirmed that a fifth victim, Deana Eckert, 57 years old, also died later in the evening. A police officer is in critical condition following a gunfight with the assailant.

Joe Biden, President of the United States, condemned the recent mass shootings and called for Congress to take action on gun reform. Andy Beshear stated that one of the victims was Tommy Elliot and that all the other victims will be missed by the community.