The Countries With The Most Satellites In Space

A new space race has begun as private companies and government organizations are vying to be the first to achieve space exploration milestones.

As a new wave of government and private projects reach for the last frontier for mankind, the race to space has begun.

Chance Saltzman, U.S. Space Force, said that the increased activity in space exploration also increases the threat level the United States faces on Earth's orbit.

CNBC reported this.

Statista's Katharina B. Buchholz makes the following observation


Saltzman’s remarks, and some might argue the existence of the U.S. Space Force as well, stand in opposition to the idea that space is a place beyond nation interests where collaboration has flourished rather than conflict.

The branch of the U.S. Military was established under President Donald Trump's leadership in 2019.

Organizations that speak out

The Union of Concerned Scientists was against the bill. This science advocacy non-profit was founded at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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The organization called on the U.S. Government to reconsider the idea that space is a peaceful place for different nations to coexist, rather than a battlefield.

The group that has a large satellite database emphasized the fact that military activities are only a small part of what happens in space. The

This claim is backed up by data

Only 424 of the 5,500 active satellites have military applications. Multinational cooperations are fourth in the list of countries with the most satellites in orbit (3,415).