SpaceX Gets Pentagon Ukraine Starlink Contract

Pentagon officials said that it is a fact that the Pentagon has said this.

Awarded a contract

Elon Musk's SpaceX will ship Starlink satellite Internet terminals to Ukraine.

The Pentagon told CNBC that satellite communications are a crucial layer of Ukraine's communications network. It contracts Starlink to provide these services.

Via Reuters

The Pentagon has refused to reveal any information about the contract.

Uncertain how many terminals to be purchased

The Pentagon stated that "due to operational security and the critical nature these systems, we are unable to provide additional information at this time regarding specific capabilities or contracts.

SpaceX has been shipping Starlink terminals into Ukraine since shortly after the Russian invasion. The internet service was said to be launched within a few days.

Vital for Ukraine's War effort

Both for

Communication and targeting


Gwynne shotwell, president of SpaceX said earlier this year that the Starlink terminals are a great idea.

Never intended to be "weaponized"

Referring to reports that Ukraine used Starlink to obtain targeting data using drones. Shotwell stated that SpaceX had taken steps to "limit", Ukraine's use of the internet in this way.

She explained that February.

This year


She said that the Ukrainians had manipulated it in unintentional ways and without any agreement.

Shotwell, in a later interview with reporters referred to reports stating that the Ukrainian military used Starlink to control drones. Ukraine has used unmanned aircraft to spot enemy positions, target long-range fires, and drop bombs.

There are a number of things we can do to prevent them from doing that.

She was referring to Starlink using drones. "There are some things we have done and can do."

The US Agency for International Development

SpaceX said that it would be cooperating with them

Starlink terminals were sent to Ukraine during the early stages of the conflict. Musk claimed last fall that SpaceX could not

Continue paying for service in Ukraine

The Pentagon was asked to pay the bill.

SpaceX has donated 20,000 terminals in Ukraine as of October 2022

Musk stated at the time, that the cost to his company was "$80,000,000 and will surpass $100,000,000 by the end the year."