SLM Co. (NASDAQ:SLMBP) Sees Large Decrease in Short Interest

( ) has seen a dramatic drop in short interest during the month of April. On April 30, there were 5,200 shorted shares. This is a 42.9% drop from the total of 9,100 on April 15. The short-interest rate is currently 0.5 days based on an average daily volume of 9,600 share.

SLM Trading up 1.5 %

Trading on Friday saw a $0.85 increase, bringing the price to $56.85. The stock changed hands 506 times, as opposed to the average of 9,308. SLM's 52-week low is $53.46, and its 52-week high is $67.89. A quarterly dividend was also announced by the firm, and will be paid out on Thursday, 15th June. Dividends will be paid to stockholders who were in the record on Friday June 2nd. This dividend will be paid on Friday, June 2nd. SLM had previously paid a quarterly dividend of $1.61. On an annualized base, this represents a dividend of $6.79 and a yield of 11.94%.

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SLM Corporation, via its subsidiaries, originates private education loans for students and their families in order to help them finance their education costs in the United States. It offers a variety of retail deposit accounts including money market accounts, high-yield saving accounts and certificates of deposit. offers a FREE daily email newsletter