Scottsdale-based marketing agency leverages AI to help luxury clients stay on brand

Jeff Victor, co-founder of an agency, believes that sustainability is a significant business opportunity in luxury.

Scottsdale-based marketing agency leverages AI to help luxury clients stay on brand

The Valley luxury industry, like many others, is increasingly incorporating artificial intelligence in their business practices.

The Scottsdale-based Victor + James brand development agency, founded by Jeff Victor and Clayton James in January, is using AI technology to keep brands consistent and companies aligned with target markets.

We've learned how to use AI for our customers. Many of the current challenges are related to creating consistency in brand messaging. James, managing partner and creative Director of the firm, said that a large brand often has multiple tentacles for reaching out to different audiences. It's easy for such a big brand to get confused in some areas. AI can be used to achieve this consistency.

James, an Atlanta native, and Victor, a Grand Rapids Michigan native, moved to the Valley respectively five and six year ago. They said that the north Scottsdale area was ideal for a luxury-driven business.

Since its launch in January, the agency worked with a variety of companies, including Remy Martin, a purveyor fine spirits, at the Super Bowl, Virtu Resorts and Residence, a Vancouver-based company, a Milan fashion label that is a spinoff from Valentino, and Noshy, a sustainable confectionary brand based in London that combines edible roses and high-end chocolat with other flavors and comes packaged like a bouquet. Mercedes-Benz North America is also a potential client.

Each co-founder brings more than 30 years of experience in brand, technology, entertainment, and luxury to their new venture.

Victor, the owner of TechWood Media is a media executive and James is an Emmy award-winning ad agency executive. They have combined their experience and expertise to position themselves as a team that can work with brands in a variety of industries, with a particular focus on the luxury sector.

James stated that they take pride in helping businesses tell their stories and distinguish their brand from their competitors. To maximize their impact, James and Equite Brands owner Daniel Langer will join forces. Langer is an executive professor at Pepperdine University, and a professor at New York University.

Together, they offer workshops that guide businesses and their leaders through an audit of the brand. Jeff Victor, managing director and director of business, said that Daniel Langer is a vital part of the services we offer.

Sustainable luxury is here to stay

Victor + James' commitment to sustainability is a key component of their brand strategy.

Victor stated that sustainable luxury was a big trend. Victor + James has been at the forefront in guiding companies on "how to play and be compliant in this world."

They are also working in partnership with Positive Luxury. Positive Luxury is a London based company which issues sustainability certificates that can be identified by the Butterfly Mark. This mark verifies that organizations and companies have met the highest standards of sustainability practices across ESG Plus.

Victor stated that the collaboration aims to create extreme brand value through a sustainable, authentic business model tailored to the company's strategic goals.

Victor stated that sustainability is the biggest business opportunity for luxury. Our partner Equite and Positive Luxury created a new way to build sustainable luxury, lifestyle and consumer brand through a program called the Sustainability Accelerator.