Roof collapse at house near Ohio State University injures 14

14 people were injured when part of a house collapsed near The Ohio State University.

COLUMBUS (AP) - A part of a home collapsed, and 14 people suffered injuries near The Ohio State University on Saturday night when people climbed up onto a roof not designed to support significant weight.

Steve Martin, Columbus Division Fire Battalion chief, said that his department had received a call around 7:40 pm about a roof falling on East 13th Avenue. When they arrived at the scene, the roof over a porch was collapsed but the rest of home remained intact.

Martin stated that 'the few people who were trapped were probably unpinned'. It was as if their leg had been caught under a structure, and some students lifted it off of them. Everyone was out.

Martin stated that first responders found 10 injured victims and transported them to local hospitals in a variety of states. However, they were all stable.

Martin stated that the roof was 'overloaded' with students. He estimated between 15 and 45 people were on a roof 'that wasn't designed to hold anyone on it. It gave way.

Names of the owners or occupants of the house were not immediately known.

The Ohio State University does not own the home. According to the university website, the main campus in Columbus will have a student population of 61.677 students for the school year 2022-2023.