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This Artificially Intelligent Pin Wants to Free You From Your Phone

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On a recent afternoon, someone held a bagel and asked if it was healthy. They received a response from an AI device called Ai Pin, which stated that the bagel was unhealthy because it contained high carbohydrates that could lead to weight gain. The Ai Pin is a $700 tiny computer that functions as a virtual assistant, using data from various sources to answer questions and perform tasks. Shaped like a lapel pin, it attaches to clothing with magnets and replaces smartphone tasks like note-taking and web searches. The device uses a green laser to display text and includes a camera, speaker, and cellular connection. The Ai Pin’s unique design has garnered attention, and companies have invested $240 million in the start-up Humane, which created the device. Their belief is that AI hardware like the Ai Pin will become the next significant technological advancement. Humane aims to provide a screen-free technology that promotes eye contact.