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The Ukraine war is a huge opportunity for US intel to recruit Russian spies

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The CNN Original Series ‘Secrets & Spies: A Nuclear Game’ examines the geopolitics during the Cold War through the lens of double agents. It explores the recruitment efforts of US intelligence services during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The CIA is actively using social media to appeal to disaffected Russians with access to information. The agency has also released videos in Russian highlighting the exchange of information for something that informants want. The FBI has launched a similar effort to recruit Russian sources in the US. Espionage has played a significant role in US-Russian relations. A new documentary called ‘Secrets and Spies’ focuses on the secret battle between intelligence services during the Cold War. Espionage remains a crucial tool in the current conflict between the US and Russia. The documentary highlights the critical function of spying in reducing uncertainty and miscalculation among nuclear-armed adversaries.