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Majority of women are afraid to ask for a raise. Here's how to negotiate for a higher salary

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Asking for a pay raise can be challenging, especially for women. A study found that over half of women worldwide have never requested a raise, while 43% who did ask received an increase in pay. Many women feel they need to work harder for recognition compared to their male counterparts. The study revealed that women in India were the most confident, with 65% having sought out a pay raise in the past. However, women in Japan and Singapore were the least confident, with only 13% and 32% respectively having asked for a raise before. Lack of opportunities and fear of negative consequences were common reasons mentioned by women for not asking for a raise. It is important for women to be prepared and confident when negotiating salaries, including conducting research, being well-prepared for the conversation, presenting achievements, and scheduling appropriate meetings. Professionalism is also essential during the negotiation process.