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Japanese town overrun with tourists puts up view-blocking barrier near Mount Fuji

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The Japanese town of Fujikawaguchiko has erected a giant black net to block views of Mount Fuji, a reaction to the town’s huge popularity on Instagram and other social media platforms. Last month, the town’s council decided to block the most popular Fuji views with a 66-foot-long black screen, which was erected on May 21.

The small town in Yamanashi prefecture has become the center of an international controversy in recent weeks. A specific viewpoint in Fujikawaguchiko, which is at the foot of Mount Fuji and near the starting point for one of the most-used trails up the mountain, became so popular with visitors that it was causing problems for locals.

Even businesses with no connection to tourism have weighed in. The Ibishi Dental Clinic, located in the building next door to the photo spot, is one of them. Their employees and patients have had to deal with harassment by tourists. The clinic issued a statement describing illegal activities, such as leaving garbage, trespassing, and smoking. They also mentioned that foreign tourists would often shout insults or throw away lit cigarettes when asked to move their cars.

Fujikawaguchiko officials were asked by several businesses to deal with the problem. Since Japan reopened to foreign tourists after the pandemic, there has been an influx of visitors to the country’s popular attractions. In this case, the issue is a viewpoint where people like to take pictures of Mount Fuji. Most visitors do not stay in Fujikawaguchiko, but prefer to take a day trip from Tokyo, which is just 62 miles away.

As a result of the high number of tourists, the town has experienced issues with traffic, trash, and erosion. With no entry ticket or hotel fees to balance out the damage caused by visitors, the town has struggled to cope. Local residents have witnessed accidents involving foreign tourists and have called for measures to address the situation. A convenience store that is often featured in social media pictures of the mountain has also apologized for the inconvenience caused and pledged to take measures to control the behavior of tourists.