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📬 Daily Brief: Tractors in the streets

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Farmers protest subsidy change in Germany #

Farmers in Germany have blocked major roads using tractors in protest against a subsidy change. The government plans to end a subsidy on diesel used in agriculture, and Chancellor Olaf Scholz has refused to back down. The protest has caused significant disruption to transportation.

Apple announces release date for mixed-reality headset #

Apple has announced that its $3,500 Vision Pro mixed-reality headset will be available in stores starting from Feb. 2, with preorders starting on Jan. 19. The announcement did not take place at CES, as Apple does not participate in the event.

Tiger Woods and Nike end partnership #

After 27 years, US golf star Tiger Woods and sports apparel brand Nike have ended their partnership.

Boeing shares drop following 737 Max problem #

Boeing’s shares have fallen in response to the US government’s decision to ground some versions of the 737 Max plane. The decision comes after a mid-flight panel blowout incident.

Bitcoin reaches 21-month high #

The price of Bitcoin reached over $47,000, hitting a 21-month high. This surge in value is attributed to investors’ anticipation of a possible approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund.

Notable gadgets announced at CES #

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcased several notable gadgets. Nvidia unveiled new chips for AI PCs, LG introduced a wireless and transparent TV, HP showcased a powerful gaming laptop with a rainbow LED keyboard, Unistellar presented a new telescope that connects to smartphones, and Kohler unveiled a bidet with voice control.

Challenges of shipping vehicles overseas for China’s automakers #

China’s automotive industry is struggling to find sufficient shipping capacity to export its vehicles. The cost of securing shipping space has become a significant obstacle, as China’s automakers experience surging exports. The industry recognizes the need to invest in car shipping, but the time required to build ships means that demand outpaces supply.

Global supply chains becoming longer despite less offshoring #

Despite a decrease in offshoring, global supply chains are getting longer. Economists have observed this trend in response to major shocks such as the Covid pandemic and political conflicts. The reasons behind this shift are explained by Quartz’s Mary Hui.

Leaders of the Navajo Nation consider commercial attempts to send human remains to the Moon as desecration of a sacred space.

Many unmarried adults in Japan never dated #

A significant portion of unmarried adults under the age of 50 in Japan have never dated. They perceive dating as a waste of time and money.

98-year-old drummer forms band with Holocaust survivors #

A veteran drummer, who learned to play the instrument in a concentration camp, has formed a band with other Holocaust survivors.

Electrons behave like fluid in strange metals #

Researchers have discovered that electrons in certain materials behave like a fluid, although the practical applications of this finding are not yet clear.

Mouse helps clean Welsh man’s workbench #

A mouse has been cleaning up a man’s workbench in Wales, reminiscent of the Disney movie Ratatouille.