Park rangers search for fallen climber at Alaska's Denali National Park

TALKEETNA (Alaska) (AP) - National Park Service rangers have announced that they are searching for a climber, who fell off a ridge of Denali National Park in Alaska. The ridge is 16,000 feet (4,800 meters) high.

According to the agency, the climber's companion told rangers in the early hours of Saturday morning that the climber fell Friday night as they traveled along a route called the West Buttress leading to Peters Glacier. The partner could see the fall, but not where the climber was laying.

Officials said that Rangers conducted an aerial and ground hunt for the climber. However, cloudy conditions prevented helicopters from reaching the climber. The ground search took place at Denali Base Camp at 14,000 feet (4200 meters).

Just over a week ago, two climbers believed to be dead were reported missing in the park.

Denali is about a 193-kilometer drive (120 miles) north of Anchorage.