Orbia Advance (OTCMKTS:MXCHY) Sets New 1-Year High at $5.48

() reached a new 52 week high in mid-day trading Monday. The stock traded up to $5.48 before closing at $5.48 with a volume 0 shares. Stock had closed previously at $5.48.

Orbia Advance Stock Performance

A dividend was also declared by the business and will be paid out on Monday 10th July. Dividends will be paid to shareholders who were in the books on Monday, 3rd July. This dividend will be paid on Friday, 30th June. Orbia Advance had previously paid a dividend of $0.00.

Orbia Advance Company Profile

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Orbia Advance Corporation SAB. de C.V. offers products and solutions to the precision agriculture, building, infrastructure, fluorinated polymers, and connectivity industries worldwide. The company provides irrigation systems, agricultural projects, digital farming technology, and related service; as well as connectivity solutions including conduits, HDPE products, and other HDPE solutions.

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