Office Properties Income Trust (NASDAQ:OPINL) Sees Significant Growth in Short Interest

( ) saw a significant increase in short-term interest in June. On June 30, there were 42,300 short shares. This is a 98.6% increase from the total of 21,300 on June 15. The days-to-cover is currently 1.8 days based on an average trading volume (23,900 shares).

Office Properties Income Trust Stock Price Performance

Trading on Friday saw a $0.02 increase, bringing the price to $13.10. Stock traded 19,563 shares compared to the average of 19,619. Office Properties Income Trust's 12 month low is $11.23 and its 12 month high is $25.11. A quarterly dividend was also declared by the company, and will be paid out on Friday, 1st September. Investors who held shares on the record date of Tuesday, August 15, will receive a dividend per share of $0.3984. This dividend will be paid on Monday, August 14. This is a $1.59 dividend with a yield 12.17 percent. offers a FREE daily email newsletter