Oakland recovers more than 80% of pre-Covid visitors, tourism spending

Oakland recovers more than 80% of pre-Covid visitors, tourism spending

New statistics from the tourism bureau of Oakland show that the city has made progress in regaining lost hospitality business during the pandemic.

According to Visit Oakland, in 2022, "The Town" will host about 3.3 millions visitors, who will spend a total of $590 million with Oakland businesses. This is an increase of 83% and 80%, respectively, from 2019. The tourism bureau celebrated the progress on Wednesday by hosting 200 guests, including local business leaders and city officials at Bloc15 near Jack London Square.

The organization reported that the visitor volume for last year was up 21% compared to 2021. The organization also reported that visitor spending grew by over 10% for the second consecutive year.

According to Visit Oakland, the $590 million direct visitor spending resulted in a total impact of $784 when indirect and induced effects are included. Last year, the total economic impact generated about 5,377 new jobs and $86 million state and local taxes.

About a third (194 million dollars) of the direct visitor expenditures in Oakland was spent on lodging, and 26% on food and beverages. Transportation, including air travel into the city, accounted for 16% of total retail spending. About 8% of visitors' spending, or $50 million, went towards recreation.

Peter Gamez, Visit Oakland's president and CEO stated that this is crucial to The Town’s future. Visitors to Oakland return because of the vibrancy in our city.

According to a report by the state tourism agency Visit California, Alameda County's travel-related expenditures last year were $3.8 billion. This is close to what it was in 2016. The report states that the county's spending will generate about $350 in state and local taxes in 2022 and support an additional 27,000 new jobs, the majority of which are in the accommodation and food service industry.

According to Visit California, San Francisco generated $12.2 billion in travel-related expenditures last year, which resulted in $879 million of state and local tax revenue and 51,000 jobs. San Francisco accounted for nearly two-thirds of the total Bay Area travel expenditure, while Alameda County was responsible for 11%. Santa Clara County had the second highest share (18%).

Caroline Beteta is the president and CEO of Visit California. She said in a statement to the press that Oakland "has a lot to be proud of."

Beteta stated that the city has made great strides in its recovery, and it provides tremendous value to the community. The hospitality industry supports thousands of jobs in Oakland and has helped to establish it as a destination of world-class.

According to Visit California, statewide travelers spent $134.4 billion in support of the addition of 157,000 new jobs last year -- approximately 93% and 94% from 2019 levels.