Massachusetts seafood company denies allegations of discrimination by worker who complained to state

(AP) - A Massachusetts seafood company said Thursday it had not discriminated against an immigrant who filed a complaint with the state.

Paula Fortes is a Black immigrant from Cape Verde. Cape Verde is an island nation located off the coast of Africa. She originally filed her complaint against Eastern Fisheries in New Bedford, a seafood harvester/distributor, one year ago, and updated it this week.

According to her complaint, she told the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination the company had subjected to her years of sexual harassment as well as racial and gender discrimination at work.

Eastern Fisheries issued a statement on Thursday denying all claims of discrimination and unlawful conduct. In the statement, the company also stated that it has 'cooperated fully' with state commission ever since the first charge was brought up a year ago.

A spokesperson from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination refused to comment on this case. The commission's job is to investigate complaints of discrimination, and enforce anti-discrimination legislation.