Mark Cuban says his 13-year-old son is a ‘little mini-me,' selling candy at school: ‘He's hustling'

Mark Cuban's son is a savvy young businessman, creating spreadsheets to track his candy sales. His father is proud of his son's enterprising spirit.

Mark Cuban says his 13-year-old son is a ‘little mini-me,' selling candy at school: ‘He's hustling'

Mark Cuban thinks he is a billionaire due to his belief that

He's been selling and hustling since childhood

It seems his son, a teenager, has inherited the same outlook.

Cuban boasted about his son Jake, 13, who sells candy to school students on an

Kevin Hart's Peacock Talk Show "Hart to Heart"

The Dallas Mavericks' owner and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” called his son a "little mini-me" in the interview that began streaming on Thursday. This was due to the interest of the teenager in finding the best way for him to make a profit.

Cuban stated in an interview that Jake was also tracking and organizing Jake's efforts.

Cuban, laughing, told Hart: "He shows his spreadsheet because he is buying candy and then selling it at the school." "But his sister would not take him to the place where he wanted it."

The billionaire asked his son a clever question when he was about to use DoorDash for the candy delivery. "[He] said, 'Does my $16 cost of goods sales include DoorDash?'

Hart said that Cuban's son must have been "mind blown" by seeing him take a candy business so seriously.

Cuban also agreed.

I was a hustler .... I've always sold.

The apple isn't far from the branch. Cubans are, after all, Cuban.

He likes to brag that he invented the term "side hustle."

As he began his business career

selling garbage bags

Door-to-door from 12 years of age.

Cuban was already a millionaire before he even became one. He had a series of lucrative gigs that spanned from

collecting stamps

As a child, you can collect coins.

selling dance lessons

As a student at Indiana University.

"I used to be a hustler .... "I have always sold,"

Cuban said

During a "Shark Tank 2016" episode. "I was always doing something." "That was my nature."

Cuban eventually was able turn these skills into something more than extra money. He

CompuServe acquired MicroSolutions for $6 million.

In 1990. He became a millionaire in less than a decade.

Yahoo has paid $5.7 billion for stock, his streaming audio service.

Cuban, despite his own success in business, has always been clear that he does not expect his three children, or any other, to follow his footsteps.

I tell them that after your health, the No. Cuban told reporters that he didn't want his fans to be entitled jerks.

2020 Interview

Steve Harvey is another comedian.

Cuban told Hart that while his son is showing signs of being an entrepreneur his older daughters are more interested in other things. Cuban told Hart that his 16-year-old daughter Alyssa was more of an artist, whereas his oldest, Alexis is still a student in college and hasn't decided on a career yet.

Cuban stated that "she has the whole world before her, wherever she chooses to go."

Jake is "proud" that he has a son.

Hustling is a hustling behavior

The billionaire claims he only wants his children "to be healthy and happy."

He tells them to "do what you want and figure out who you really are." "You don't have to follow my footsteps.

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