Marco Rubio Accidentally Makes A Great Argument Against US Dollar Hegemony

Some people are creating an economy that is not dependent on the United States.

Fox News has a debate between Sean Hannity, a propagandist for the empire, and Marco Rubio, a warmongering senator. "I was only a teenager at the end the Cold War. But it's been around 30 years since another superpower was in conflict with the United States. We are now back in that position. It gives Washington unparalleled economic and political power. The United States can unilaterally impose sanctions on countries, thereby preventing them from accessing large swathes of the global economy. "Chinese authorities were shocked at the seizing of foreign currency reserves of Russia's central bank following the invasion of Ukraine." On Twitter, it was stated that the US may not be able finance a war against China if its status as the reserve currency of the world is lost.


Disobedient nations all over the globe. The only form of war where it is acceptable to use deadly force to target civilian populations is economic sanctions. The US empire makes extensive use of them. The dollar's fall could lead to economic chaos and even more suffering. Humanity cannot continue on the same path it is on. Any deviation from this trajectory can open up the possibility for real and healthy change. You can use the following to receive an email notification of everything I publish: You are allowed to republish, translate or use any part of my work (or any other I have written) in any manner you like. All works co-authored by Tim Foley, my husband.
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