IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 26, 2023

Welcome to IBD Live! This list of FAQs and useful links will speed your learning curve. Some users have reported the inability to access the IBD Live show page on... Read More

IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 26, 2023

Welcome to IBD Live. The FAQs and links below will help you learn faster.

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The Ready List includes top stocks that have met our technical and fundamental screening criteria, are near or in areas where you can buy. IBD Live participants are advised to analyze chart actions before making any purchases.

Q&A Summary

The music this morning is amazing! Good morning to all! In the most recent Big Picture, it was mentioned that Nasdaq's new lows had been triple-digits for six sessions in a line. How can I find the information in MarketSmith? Thank you You can see the Nasdaq by typing 0NDQC into MS. Do you have any rules or requirements regarding the questions that speakers can ask? Because I've asked some questions, but they are usually passed on without any answers? If you have a policy please share. Hi Huy. There is no set policy for questions. We're only a few people trying to answer all the questions during the show, and we're sorry that we can't. Good morning IBDLive. Good Morning IBD Live! Good morning. What is FTI? Good morning! What are David Ryan's stocks? The ETF KIE is a good setup. Thank you. Is September already over? Looks like Gold is going to go much lower. What do you think about GLD? I think you are right, especially when looking at the daily chart for GLD. My parents Gregg & Duckie, happy 70th anniversary! What is the relevance? IBD Live wouldn't have me or my former college roommate, whom I also convinced to subscribe, if they weren't there. Good morning! Setting is much better. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Can you move the video feeds from the US to another monitor and detach them? Investing for success with IBD and David Ryan. Someone posted part B on X. I viewed them both. You're right. Would you consider releasing 1-2 IBD recordings again "just for fun" when Corona hits the market in early 2019? It would be interesting to see that in retrospect. We really appreciate the idea. DKNG – Analyze the weekly and daily chart. What are the earnings estimates for this quarter? ESTC is a real performer. A real performer. ESTC is a real performer. A real performer. What is going on with ARGX? Ken ESTC thank you! Finally someone is paying attention to the life insurance sector! Why is the price of gas so high in LA? On the East coast, we pay less than $4. We only have a few refineries, and our blend is unique. What do you plan to do with your CRS? When a President cuts oil production with a vengeance, the gas price goes up to $6.30. David Ryan is a great marketer. What is G6310? What are some good resources to learn more about SHORTING or study it? Is Ford a candidate for short term? Hatman: I think 0TNX did not show any change after the opening because the trading is delayed. What made you decide to close your short position on AMD? New long-term campaigns are difficult to launch right now because the trend hasn't changed. Do you want to see IMAX in action? I agree. Base looks tighter, and MAs look stacked. Nice setup. The high from last week of 19.73 is definitely in play. David, Is there a MS screening for short candidates available? We have some. Good morning! Can you track the percentage of stocks that are above the MAs in MS? What are the ranges of bear and bull markets, IE: 21 day,50 day,200 day? What does "wedging" mean? What is the wedge pattern? HQY is still looking good. Solid growth in EPS and Sales! SFM is currently outperforming the market's downward trend. It's very interesting!