Financial Review: John Marshall Bancorp (NASDAQ:JMSB) vs. M&T Bank (NYSE:MTB)

strength of their analyst recommendations, valuation, earnings, dividends, risk, profitability and institutional ownership. M&T Bank is better than John Marshall Bancorp based on analyst recommendations, valuation, earnings, dividends, risk, and profitability.

Which is the better stock? We will compare these two companies on the basis of their dividends and valuations, analyst recommendations, risks, institutional ownership, profits, and earnings.

Earnings and Valuation

This table compares M&T Bank's gross revenues, earnings per share, and valuation with John Marshall Bancorp.

Gross Revenue

Price/Sales Ratio

Net Income

Earnings per Share

Price to Earnings Ratio

M&T Bank

860 milliards de dollars


$1.99 billion



John Marshall Bancorp

$55.76 Million


$11.80 Million



M&T Bank's revenue and earnings are higher than John Marshall Bancorp. John Marshall Bancorp has a lower Price-to-Earnings Ratio than M&T Bank. This indicates that the stock is more affordable.

Insiders and Institutional Ownership

Institutional investors own 84.1% M&T Bank's shares. Comparatively 35.0% John Marshall Bancorp's shares are held by institutional investors. M&T Bank shareholders own 1.0%. Comparatively speaking, 18.4% of John Marshall Bancorp's shares are held by insiders. Strong institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments and large money managers believe in a stock's potential for long-term gains.

Analyst Ratings has reported the current ratings and recommendations for M&T Bank, and John Marshall Bancorp.

Sell Ratings

Hold Ratings

Buy Ratings

Strong Buy Ratings

Rating Score

M&T Bank






John Marshall Bancorp






M&T Bank currently has a consensus target price of $165.10 which suggests a possible upside of 33.05%. M&T Bank has a higher potential upside than John Marshall Bancorp, according to equity research analysts.


This table compares M&T Bank's net margins with John Marshall Bancorp, as well as their return on equity (ROE) and return on assets.

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets

M&T Bank




John Marshall Bancorp




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M&T Bank is better than John Marshall Bancorp in 8 out of 12 factors.

M&T Bank

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M&T Bank Corp. is a bank holding firm that provides retail and commercial banking services, as well as trust, wealth management, and investment services. The company operates in five segments: Business Banking (including Commercial Banking), Commercial Real Estate (including Residential Mortgage Banking), Discretionary Portfolio and Retail Banking. The Business Banking segment offers services to small business owners and professionals via the company's branch networks, business banking centres, and other delivery methods such as telephone banking or Internet banking. Commercial Banking offers banking and credit services to middle-market and larger commercial customers. Commercial Real Estate includes deposit and credit services for its customers. The Discretionary Portfolio includes investment and trading securities and residential mortgage loans, other assets, short and long-term borrowing funds, brokered certificate of deposit agreements and interest rate swaps related to them, as well as Cayman Islands Branch Deposits. Residential Mortgage Banking is a segment that consists of residential loans and substan

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