E-commerce tech startup Rokt opens Seattle office with plans for growth

The company, which is based in New York City, opened a temporary space in Pioneer Square in April. The company hopes to get a permanent space by the end of the year to house its growing staff.

E-commerce tech startup Rokt opens Seattle office with plans for growth

Rokt, a New York-based technology company specializing in e-commerce, is expanding its presence in Seattle.

In April, the company opened a temporary space in Pioneer Square. It now houses about 10 people. Rokt is hoping to have a permanent office by the end the year for its expanding staff.

John Walzer is the vice president of engineering at Rokt and heads their Seattle office. We're hoping to increase the hiring rate in Seattle as we move into the new year.

Walzer stated that the company plans to hire 50 people in Seattle before the end this year, and 200 employees by the year's end.

Seattle will be moving to a bigger temporary space within the same building in the near future, while they continue their search for a permanent office. Walzer stated that the company loves Pioneer Square but hasn't yet decided on where the permanent office is going to be.

Rokt was founded in 2012. It helps businesses increase their sales by enhancing the online shopping experience. The company, for example, can show relevant upsells and payment providers during the checkout process. According to the company, its technology is powered by artificial intelligence and machine-learning. Clients include Uber, Hulu, and Staples.

Walzer stated that Rokt employs just under 500 people. The company also has offices in London and Tokyo, as well as Sydney, Singapore and Aukland (New Zealand).

Walzer joined Rokt in January, after ten years working at Amazon on Alexa News. He was Rokt’s first Seattle employee, and he has been charged with increasing the company’s presence in that area. Walzer stated that the company is primarily hiring engineers as well as other roles such as product and user-experience.

Walzer stated, "We love Seattle." We believe that there are a lot of talented (machine-learning) engineers in Seattle, and these people can help us deliver even more to our partners.