Dollar General (NYSE:DG) Downgraded by Piper Sandler to 'Neutral'

also issued research reports about the company. Piper Sandler has downgraded Dollar General (NYSE:DG) from an 'overweight' rating to a 'neutral' rating in a report released on Thursday.

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Other research analysts also published research reports on the stock. Barclays began covering Dollar General shares in a report published on February 7th. They assigned the company an 'equal-weight' rating, and set a price target of $237.00. In a research report published on Friday, 17th March, Telsey Advisory Group reiterated its 'outperform rating' and set a target price of $242.00 for Dollar General shares. Gordon Haskett lowered Dollar General's rating from 'accumulate to a hold' and reduced their price target for the company to $220.00 from $230.00 in a Friday, March 17th research note. BMO Capital Markets lowered their target price for Dollar General in a report published on Friday, 17th March from $255.00 down to $230.00. Wells Fargo & Company reduced their price target on Dollar General in a report published on Friday, 17th March from $275.00 down to $245.00. Eight analysts have given the stock a hold, eight have given it a buy and two have given it a strong-buy rating. Trading on Thursday saw a decline of $39.23, with a total value of $161.86. Stock of the company traded 18,268,527 compared to 2,099,567 shares on average. The company's fifty-day moving price is $213.93, and its 200-day moving price is $227.92. Dollar General's low for the past year is $159.12, and its high for that year is $261.59.

The company last released its quarterly earnings on Thursday, 1st June. The company's earnings per share were $2.34, which was below the consensus estimate ($2.38) by $0.04. Dollar General's net margin was 6.38%, and its return on equity was 40.63%. Dollar General had a revenue of $9.34billion during the quarter compared to the consensus of $9.47billion. In the same quarter of the previous year the company had earned $2.41 per share. Dollar General's quarterly revenue was 6.8% higher than the same period last year. Analysts expect Dollar General to post 11,15 earnings per share in the current year.

Insider Activity at Dollar General

Dollar General Director Timothy I. Mcguire purchased 3,550 shares in the company on Friday, 24th March. Stock was purchased at a price of $202.00 per share for a transaction totaling $717,100.00. After the acquisition, the director owns 11,104 shares of the company valued at $2243,008. Insiders own 0.60%.

Inflows of Institutional Capital and Outflows

Several large investors recently changed their positions on DG. Concord Wealth Partners bought a new Dollar General stake during the fourth quarter, valued at around $25,000 First Manhattan Co. increased its Dollar General stake by 447.4% in the fourth quarter. First Manhattan Co. owns 104 of the company’s shares valued at $26,000, after buying an additional 85 during the last quarter. Financial Freedom LLC acquired a new Dollar General stake during the fourth quarter, valued at approximately $26,000. Capital Directions Investment Advisors LLC bought a new stake of Dollar General shares in the fourth quarter, worth approximately $27,000. Accurate Wealth Management LLC also acquired a stake in Dollar General worth approximately $27,000 during the fourth quarter. Institutional investors own 90.73%.

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Dollar General Corp. operates merchandise stores. Its products include snacks, cleaning supplies and basic clothing, as well as seasonal items. It sells brands such as Clorox, Energizer and Procter & Gamble. offers a FREE daily email newsletter