Council on Aging provides support to working caregivers and their employers

Some of your most trusted employees, contractors, colleagues, and maybe even your leaders are not giving their full effort right this minute.

Council on Aging provides support to working caregivers and their employers

Some of your trusted employees, contractors and colleagues, or even some of your leaders, are not doing their best right now.

This is because, in addition to their careers, managing the household, and other responsibilities they have as parents or partners, these people spend 10, 20, or more hours per week caring for an elderly or disabled relative. It's a lot more common than people think. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance more than one-sixth of working Americans care for a loved one who is aging.

This juggling act can have a significant economic impact on both caregivers who are employed and their employers. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, 70% of caregivers struggle with their jobs. The Family Caregiver Alliance reports that 70% of employee-caregivers struggle at work.

Absenteeism costs employers between $17 and $33 billion annually.

Council on Aging can provide caregivers with support and advice when they need to balance their responsibilities. COA conducted a survey in 2019 of nearly 1,000 employees to determine that nearly half of them are involved in elder caregiving. 64% of the employee-caregivers reported having missed work because of caregiving. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly contributed to the increase in these numbers.

COA offers services such as home-delivered food, housekeeping and emergency response systems. COA also provides transportation, so that family caregivers can manage their responsibilities. The benefits of caregiver support are passed on to employers through higher productivity, reduced distractions and lower absenteeism rates.

Council on Aging offers direct services to employers, to assist them in better supporting their caregivers. COA offers presentations on various aging and caregiver-related topics to employees, can participate in corporate wellness programs and provide a wide range of educational materials.

The Kroger Company, as well as other businesses large and small, have benefited greatly from COA’s community-minded service. Victoria Woeste is a Kroger menu-labeling specialist, and the leader of an employee interest group at Kroger for employees aged 50+. The Council on Aging is a great resource for our employees.

Woeste said, "We are seeing it more and more." He was referring to a growing number of employees concerned about an elderly loved one or caring for them. COA presentations have inspired thoughts that led to action. It is inspiring to hear people say "Guess What I Did for My Mom?"

Find out how the Council on Aging helps working caregivers as well as their employers.

Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life of older adults, persons with disabilities, and their caregivers. COA encourages independence, choice, dignity, and well-being by offering a variety of services to help people stay independent as long as they can.