Biker bar owners propose $60 million RV resort in Golden

The new community will have a clubhouse, restaurant, retail center, and multiple cabins for visitors.

Biker bar owners propose $60 million RV resort in Golden

Owners of a Golden Biker Bar are planning a land development project not far from their existing venue.

Mark Miklos, Rob Tompkins and Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, located at 17999 W. Colfax Ave. in Denver, plan to build a $60-million RV resort at 670 S. Rooney Road. The property, which is about 36 acres in size, borders Interstate 70 and C-470 directly at Golden. It's located just north of Thunder Valley Park off-road racing track. Jefferson County records show that Tompkins & Miklos bought the property in 2021 for $3 million.

This property has been on the radar of mine for quite some time. Miklos explained that initially, they were considering expanding Dirty Dogs and building a 40,000 square foot facility there.

Miklos stated that the owners may expand Dirty Dogs in the future at their current location on West Colfax Avenue, but they believed that the Rooney Road parcel would be the best use of the property.

Dirty Dogs owners plan to build 256 RV Suites that are fully connected for cable, water, sewer and electric. Some suites will also have covered outdoor cooking areas. On some sites, the owners plan to build permanent cabins (casitas) of 400-500 square foot size. Visitors will be able to use their own bedrooms and kitchens. Miklos stated that the exact number of casitas in Westside Resort is not finalized.

Westside Resort also includes a clubhouse of approximately 25,000 square feet with a restaurant, retail space, and event and business conference spaces. Miklos stated that the retail area would be open to everyone, not just Westside guests. Miklos hopes to attract businesses to the area, such as a pet store, small grocery, nail salon, and liquor store.

Miklos does not oppose the sale of sites, however. This would require separate county and zoning approvals. Asher Architects + Engineers, based in Berthoud (Colorado), is the firm that designed the project. Miklos and Tompkins hired Marcus Pachner to be a land-use consultant.

Westside Resort will be gated, secure and offer additional amenities to guests, including fire pits, hot tubs and recreational space. Miklos and his group are also proposing to build a new fuel station.

Pachner stated, 'We knew that was what we found most important when visiting these other facilities. We wanted to make sure people had all the amenities they needed on site.

Miklos has visited RV resorts all over the United States. He's modeled Westside Resort in part after Motorcoach Country Club, a Palm Springs, Calif.-based RV resort, as well as a similar one near Orlando, Fla.

The resort will be a base for outdoor enthusiasts who want to go on day trips to the mountains, but still have plenty of room to relax and enjoy themselves at night.

Miklos stated, "I want the awning to look good and blend in with my surroundings."

Miklos and his staff are working on rezoneing the land to make it a planned district, before going through the approval process with the county. Pachner stated that Jefferson County's current master plan calls for the development of light industrial at this site.

Miklos has been working in construction for over 35 years. In 2005, he opened a Conifer Motorcycle Shop. He also owned a motorcycle shop in Sturgis (South Dakota), home to a famous motorcycle rally. He sold his Sturgis business last year.

Dirty Dogs is so popular here that it occupies a great deal of my time. It's better for me to remain here than to go away for five weeks a year.

Miklos, pending approvals from county officials, hopes to begin construction on Westside Resort's infrastructure in six to eight month and finish the project within two years. Miklos stated that the budget of the project was approximately $60 million. He is seeking equity partners who can help fund the project.