Beam Global (NASDAQ:BEEM) and WiSA Technologies (NASDAQ:WISA) Critical Analysis

two companies based on the strength of their dividends, analyst recommendations, risk, profitability, valuation, institutional ownership and earnings. Both companies are small-cap computer and technology companies, but Beam Global is the better investment.

Which is a better investment between these two small-cap companies? We will compare the two companies on the basis of their earnings, risk, analyst recommendations and institutional ownership.

Volatility and Risk

WiSA Technologies' beta is -0.17. This means that the stock price of WiSA Technologies is 117% lower than S&P 500. This table compares the net margins of WiSA Technologies with Beam Global, as well as their return on equity (ROE) and return on assets.

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets

WiSA Technologies




Beam Global




Institutional and Insider Ownership

Institutional investors hold 65.2% WiSA Technologies' shares. Beam Global shares, on the other hand, are owned by institutional investors in the amount of 20.8%. WiSA Technologies shareholders own 1.5%. Comparatively 2.6% of Beam Global's shares are owned by company insiders. Strong institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments and large money managers believe a firm will outperform its market over the long-term.

Analyst Recommendations

MarketBeat has provided a summary of the current ratings and recommendations for WiSA Technology and Beam Global.

Sell Ratings

Hold Ratings

Buy Ratings

Strong Buy Ratings

Rating Score

WiSA Technologies






Beam Global






WiSA Technologies currently has a consensus price target of $218.67. This suggests a potential upside gain of 16,720.51%. Beam Global's consensus target price is $26.60. This suggests a potential gain of 122.04%. Analysts clearly prefer WiSA Technologies to Beam Global, given its higher consensus rating and greater potential upside.

Earnings and Valuation

This table compares WiSA Technology and Beam Global in terms of gross revenue, earnings-per-share and valuation.

Gross Revenue

Price/Sales Ratio

Net Income

Earnings per Share

Price-Earnings Ratio

WiSA Technologies

$3.37 Million


-$16.15 Million



Beam Global

$22.00 Million


-$19.68 millions



WiSA Technologies' revenue is lower than Beam Global, but its earnings are higher.

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Beam Global is better than WiSA Technologies in 8 out of 12 factors.

WiSA Technologies

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WiSA Technologies Inc. manufactures modules that wirelessly transmit audio to speakers. The company's products include Summit TXSD, Summit RXSD, TX Dev Kits, RX Dev Kits, 30 Watt Amps, and DAC boards. The company was established on July 23, 2010. Its headquarters is located in Beaverton.

About Beam Global

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Beam Global offers sustainable products and technology for charging electric vehicles (EV), energy storage, security, and outdoor media. It designs, engineers, develops and manufactures advanced and unique clean mobility solutions to protect the environment, reduce costs, empower communities, and keep people on the move. Core platforms of the firm include Beam EV ARC, Solar Tree, high-performance energy storage, energy resiliency, disaster preparedness, and a patent library. offers a FREE daily email newsletter