Bank of Finland Has $520.83 Million Position in iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA:IVV)

According to the latest 13F filing by the SEC, the fund increased its holdings of the company's stock (by 0.4%) during the first three months. The fund now owns 1,266,974 of the company stock, after adding 5,198 additional shares in the last quarter. iShares core S&P500 ETF is the second largest stock in Bank of Finland, with a portfolio of 34.0%. Bank of Finland held iShares core S&P500 ETF worth $520.828,000 as of the latest reporting period.

Other hedge funds also bought and sold the shares of the company. MinichMacGregor Wealth Management LLC purchased a new stake in iShares S&P Core ETF valued at $26,000 during the fourth quarter. Studio Investment Management LLC purchased a new stake in iShares S&P Core 500 ETF shares during the fourth quarter, valued at approximately $33,000. Core Alternative Capital purchased a stake in iShares Core S&P500 ETF valued at $36,000 in the fourth quarter. Financial Freedom LLC purchased a new stake of $52,000 in iShares S&P500 ETF during 4th quarter. On Friday, the price opened at $451.65. The iShares S&P Core ETF's 1 year low is $349.53, and its 1 year high is $453.75. The stock's market capitalization is $337.09billion, with a P/E of 18.43. It also has a beta value of 1.00. The company's 50-day average price is $430.98, and its 200-day average price is $412.81.

Company Profile of iShares Core S&P500 ETF

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iShares S&P Core ETF is an exchange traded fund. The Fund aims to achieve investment returns that are generally in line with the performance of the Standard & Poor 500 Index (the Index). The Index measures performance in the large-capitalization segment of the United States equity markets.

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