Avalanche Market Cap Hits $4.78 Billion (AVAX)

The price of the Avalanche coin is now $14.29 or 0.00053630 BTC on popular exchanges. On popular exchanges, one Avalanche coin is now available for $14.29 (or 0.00053630BTC). Avalanche's market cap is $4.78 billion. In the last 24 hours, Avalanche worth $93.97 millions was traded. Avalanche's value against the US Dollar has fallen by 5.4% over the past seven days.

The performance of related cryptocurrencies over the past day is shown below:

Cosmos (ATOM), which is a cryptocurrency, has traded at $10.42 - 0.00039096 BTC. This represents a 1.5% decline against the US dollar.

Internet Computer (ICP), which trades for $5.04, or 0.00018905 BTC, is down 3% against the dollar.

Hedera (HBAR), which trades for $0.0519, or 0.00000195 BTC, has fallen 1.8% in value against the dollar.

Cronos (CRO), which is currently trading at $0.0616, or 0.00000231 BTC, has traded 1.7% lower than the dollar.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR), which trades for $1.60, or 0.00005999 BTC, is down 3.6% in value against the dollar.

Algorand (ALGO), which trades for $0.16 or 0.00000603 BTC, is down 2.2% against the dollar.

Kava (KAVA), which is currently trading at $1.03, or 0.00003869 BTC, has fallen 1.5% in value against the dollar.

Theta Fuel (TFUEL), which trades for $0.0417, or 0.00000156 BTC, is down 4.9% against the dollar.

Fetch.ai, or FET, traded at $0.24 (0.00000888 BTC) after falling 7% in value against the dollar.

Moonbeam (GLMR), which trades for $0.28 or 0.00001045 BTC, is down 1.5% against the dollar.

Hashing algorithm is used. The first time it was traded was on September 21, 2020. Avalanche has a total supply of 430,193,263 and circulating supply of 334,130.543 coins. Avalanche’s official messageboard is

CryptoCompare states that Avalanche is an open-source blockchain platform which allows for the launch of decentralized finance apps and enterprise blockchain deployments within a highly scalable, interoperable ecosystem. It launched its mainnet in Sept 2020 and is capable of processing over 4,500 transactions per second. The security thresholds are well above the 51% standard of other networks. The team was led by Dr. Emin Sirer and included developers, academics, and entrepreneurs.

Avalanche Coin Trading

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