advice for new grads

The best way to find a job is to network with people you know.

advice for new grads

Albuquerque Business First contacted New Mexico leaders for their advice as a new batch of college graduates begins the job search. Here are their responses to the question:

What advice would you give to new college graduates entering the job market today?

"Be prepared to stand out. Create a creative pitch and resume, or consider creating a website that highlights your achievements. Be persistent in your follow-up. Send thank you notes in handwriting. "There is nothing more personal than a handwritten thank you. Don't send an email or text.

-- Joanie Griffin, CEO, Sunny505

  1. Be persistent and open-minded in your job hunt. Attend networking events, join LinkedIn and make follow-up coffee calls with new contacts. "More than 80% jobs are filled by networking."

"The best advice I received from an ex-supervisor was that diversity in experiences is key to success in a career. Be open and look for new opportunities to learn in your workplace. Don't hesitate to take advantage of any training or opportunity offered by your company.

"Explore all your interests to find your passions and make them your life's purpose. Check in on your motivations before you commit to a career or job. We all have to earn a living. But do you feel that your job is meaningful and fulfilling at the end? "Make your decisions on the basis of what you want to receive and contribute as a professional. Then, build from your passions."

Monica Mitchell is the deputy director of Albuquerque Economic Development Department.

Human skills are the new "hard skills". Employers look for candidates with communication, customer service and leadership skills. Prepare yourself to discuss how you have successfully worked together with others to achieve something. Please do not ghost your interview. Be polite and let the employer know if you decide to change your mind. You will be remembered by the employer if you ever apply again. "Don't burn any bridges."

Tracy Bredeson is the chief people officer at Dion's

My advice to recent graduates is to be open-minded when you are looking for a job. You may find unexpected opportunities, so you should not limit yourself to the job you believe is ideal. You can easily miss opportunities if your eyes aren't open enough.

Find your passion, and don't worry about starting in an entry-level job. Talent is rewarded in business and those who work hard will advance within a reasonable time frame. Baby boomers are retiring, creating many opportunities for recent graduates. New Mexico offers a great work environment that can make a real difference.

Be open to yourself. In this constantly changing hiring environment, keep your options open. You might find a job that you didn't plan on, but that is much more rewarding and interesting than you expected. This could open doors to new opportunities.

"It's very important that you do research on the company and find out what values they hold. Talk to their employees, search the company's website and public profiles. How often does professional development come up? Does merit pay occur annually? What is the health care policy for LGBTQ+ employees that includes and affirms them? Does the company support their employees' desire to volunteer within the community? They offer tuition assistance to those who want to continue their education. You have so much to offer, including new perspectives, experiences in life and contributions which any employer would consider lucky to receive. "Make the right choice and know what you are worth."

Isaac Rivas Savell, founder/head school, Voz Collegiate Preparatory Charter School

"Lean in to every relationship you can." Attend all group settings, functions (preferably in person) and be outgoing while remaining tenacious. Never stop learning. Engage in conversation. Show that you are a team player. Relationships are key to a successful career. Honest, genuine relationships are the foundation of a long-lasting career. "Seek servant leadership, and work hard and have fun (and leave your phone at home)."

The workplace has recently changed and it is important to show that you are flexible and willing to adapt. You should familiarize yourself with the company and its mission statement and website to determine if they align with your values.

Don't be afraid of speaking up. Do not be afraid to ask any questions. Do not be afraid to look beyond your job title. Your perspective is important because it allows you to see the problems in your field from a new angle. Find a new employer if your current employer does not encourage such an environment. Seek mentorship, not salary. Money will follow. Consider how you can make a good teammate. You should be able to see areas in which you can add value. "There's nothing more rewarding to an employer than seeing an employee provide value of their own volition."