2023 40 Under 40: Cassie Richardson of NBCUniversal

She was tasked with creating a new live-action production workflow for the company, which would be used for film, television, and animation.

2023 40 Under 40: Cassie Richardson of NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal's Film and Television business is responsible for the security of technology and workflows. Incident management, and strategic planning are also part of this role.

The Vice President of Film, TV, and Production -- who is a member of the Film Production Steering Committee - was given the task of reimagining all aspects of live-action production, from concept to post-production. She said that the implications of this work can be applied to television, non-live action and animation.

"We hardened the environment. This required significant partnerships with film/TV technology leaders and business leaders. The security of a system can have a negative impact on the user experience. We rolled out updates in a short time frame with minimal impact.

Richardson, a young professional under the age 39, was selected as one of Orlando Business Journal's 40 Under 40 in 2023. Read about the 2023 class in OBJ's weekly edition April 21-27 2023 and online.

What is your biggest business challenge for this year?

Working with my film/TV partners to safely implement new products and projects, including understanding and providing security guidelines.

What is your ideal mentor?

Ursula Burns is the former CEO of Xerox

What you think people do and what you actually are:

They think I hack or sit in a darkened room with a computer. In reality, I attend meetings with my business units to negotiate strategy and deadlines.

Your ultimate career goals:

Around the globe, entertainment has provided joy, escapism, and comfort to people. One day I hope to be the CEO of a business that can deliver those feelings to their audience.

How can you overcome feelings of doubt?

Since I've been a project manager, self-doubt has never become a problem. Whether I feel like I don’t know enough about a topic, can’t navigate a particular situation, or don’t believe I’m worthy, I take the time to sit and work through this.

Are you a traditionalist, a disruptor, or both?

I am a traditionalist that navigates the disruptors.

Order your favorite Central Florida restaurants:

Cuban sandwich and yuca fries at Cubans On the Run

Every morning drink

Orange juice or water

After-hours alcohol or nonalcoholic beverages

A Godfather (whisky & amaretto).