2 workers at Grand Rapids plant hurt after 1 falls into lye

Two workers are being treated for chemical burns after one fell into a vat.

GRAND RAPIDS (Mich.) (AP). Two workers are being treated for chemical injuries after one worker fell into a vat of a Grand Rapids, Michigan, electroplating factory.

Around 1:20 p.m. the Grand Rapids Fire Department responded to a hazardous material call at Advance Plating & Finishing, said Capt. Bill Smith confirmed.

Smith reported that an employee fell into a container containing sodium hydroxide (also known as lye), a caustic fluid, and suffered critical injuries. When the second worker pulled out the first, he was injured.

Smith stated that the rescuer had chemical burns after grabbing the first victim. Both victims were taken to hospital.

Smith reported that when the fire department arrived, two co-workers were showering them off.

A phone call Friday evening seeking comment was not answered immediately by the company.

Smith stated that the state occupational safety and health officials had been notified about the accident.